Gold Men's Rings - Baptism Rings Gifts

The tradition of wearing rings among men, as well as among women, came to us from Byzantium even in the times of Ancient Rus, which is confirmed by numerous archaeological finds. Even then, Russian artisans created rings, inspired by Christian themes and folk motifs, not forgetting to turn to examples of Byzantine masters.


In the old days men, going into battle, to war and as an invaluable gift for the solemn occasion, were given rings decorated with biblical symbols and images of the holy martyrs. The custom of interpreting religious images and Slavic signs on jewelry after the Baptism of Rus was rooted in folk arts and crafts and revived in our day.


Vladimir Mikhailov - one of the few continuers of the Novgorod and Pskov art traditions of the XII-XIII centuries. In his jewelry works the artist embodies timeless images, reflects the natural color, Orthodox and ancient Russian symbols. In the online store "Vladimir Mikhailov" you can buy a male ring, filled with solemnity and expressiveness, the fundamentality and elegance inherent in real works of art. Each decoration of the collection is made according to unique sketches of the author, demonstrates perfection of forms and filigree performance.

At all times, golden men's rings with religious themes, enjoyed great popularity, embodying the power, independence and spirituality of its owner. The Orthodox jeweler Vladimir Mikhailov, referring to the plasticity, strength and durability of noble metal, creates today unmatched aesthetic appeal, men's rings full of deep meaning, which by rights become a family heirloom and are inherited.

In the collection there are models with different architecture of ornament and variable composite sound. Conventionally, the male prints of Vladimir Mikhailov can be divided into concise works, decorated with emblems and a prayer "Save and Save", on such items with a solemn sounding like the guard ring "George the Victorious" and exclusive rings-folding. Each seal of a man's gold is distinguished by the presence of a protective prayer, a significant ornament and a high quality of execution.

To buy a ring of men's gold can be on our website or in the author's salons "Vladimir Mikhailov". The collection presents an impressive selection of authentic jewelry, made by the artist's exclusive sketches. High professionalism, deep knowledge of jewelry, many years of practice and creative intuition make every product of the author a truly unique work of art.
In addition to filigree work with the plastics of noble metal, the artist often encrusts hand-made precious stones. In the catalog you can find models decorated with diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, topazes and rubies. Choose a male ring of gold, the most suitable for his future owner will not only help the variety of forms presented, but also the opportunity to buy a ring with the image of a close-in-the-Holy saint. The collection features gold plaques with images of the saints John the Warrior, Alexander Nevsky, Archangel Michael, St. George the Victorious and St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.

In the selection of the male ring from the collection of jewelry "Vladimir Mikhailov" for himself or as a gift will also help study the motive that sets the semantic content of the product. It is important to pay attention to the text of the prayer, engraved on the back or outside of the ring. Suggest with the acquisition of the male ring will help and focus on the weight, width and presence of a stone in the decoration. Having defined the visual and semantic characteristics of the product, you can proceed with the selection of the size of the ring.

A wide assortment of authentic gold rings and rings "Vladimir Mikhailov" will make it possible to acquire a significant decoration, which rightly claims to be passed on from generation to generation.