Gold Christening Crosses - Baptism Gifts

Not everyone knows how to wear a golden cross, how to choose it, what it symbolizes. Moreover, often people follow not so much the accepted Orthodox traditions, as many different, absolutely groundless, superstitions. Orthodox crosses made of gold can differ in size, presence or absence of precious stones, decorative carvings and other elements, but they are all symbols of faith and our salvation. Neckline crosses made of gold, or trousers, wear under clothing and are not displayed. In the cross, first of all, our faith is concluded, and only then it is jewelry. By the way, the golden cross is one of the few ornaments that the church not only allows, but also encourages. There are even special golden crosses, which serve as signs of the distinction of priestly ranks.


You can buy a gold cross in a church shop or in an ordinary jewelry store. However, when buying a cross in a store, two things must be remembered: 1. The gold cross must meet the canons established in Orthodoxy and 2. Before putting on the product, it must necessarily be consecrated in the church, only in this case the cross will fulfill its basic purpose and serve you as a reminder of the sacrifice made on Calvary. In the jewelry store, as a rule, a greater choice, - there are a variety of modern crosses made of gold, and even the most picky buyer will be able to pick up a suitable gold cross.

The price of such a product will depend on its size, as well as on the availability of precious stones. In any jewelry store you can find both small and not very expensive Orthodox crosses made of gold, and buy a beautiful, large precious thing.

The cross of the gold is the most precious thing that any Christian has. And not because it is gold, but primarily because it symbolizes. The cross is a symbol of faith. And the cross must be treated accordingly. It should not be removed under any circumstances. It should be treated with reverence. To the cross it is possible and necessary to draw prayers, including one, words from which are often written on the back of the Orthodox cross: "Lord, save and save!".

Orthodox crosses made of gold can be given, in addition, it is not forbidden to use the cross found - contrary to the superstitions existing in the people. For example, the godparents must give a golden cross to their godson. You can also buy a gold cross as a gift to a loved one if he decided to be baptized or lost his previous cross. Found nastolnye crosses of gold, too, should not scare you - if such a cross you for some reason liked, and you want to wear it - wear it. Just do not forget to consecrate it in the church.