Gemstone Rings - Baptismal, Orthodox rings to buy

In the history of jewelry rings with precious stones occupy a significant place. Practically in all ancient cultures it was customary to wear jewelry decorated with natural stones.
In ancient Egypt, gold rings were very popular, lavishly decorated with malachite, lapis lazuli, carnelian and other stones. Ancient Greek jewelers created their masterpieces with the help of amethysts, pomegranates, emeralds.
In the Middle Ages, rings with stones were very common. Often used for decoration sapphires, emeralds, rubies. There were also jewelry with topaz, rock crystal, garnet and amethyst.

Our distant ancestors noted the special energy of the rings with stones. Stones, in their opinion, could contribute to family affairs or help in the service. Happiness, wealth, fearlessness, courage, security and many other things could have been achieved, if only it is right to choose a ring with a stone, to wear it correctly. However, the theory of accumulation of energy with stones remains open.

How to choose a gold ring with a stone

Times change, but rings with stones are as always relevant. Nowadays, for the instruction of rings, a huge number of very different gemstones are used, which differ from each other in their properties, which in many respects dictates the prices for products. In the jewelry catalog of our online store there is a wide variety of rings with stones. To make the right choice, you can pay attention to several of its criteria.

First, decide for what purpose you decided to buy a ring with a stone: in order to wear it daily or for some solemn outlets. For each case, fit different decorations, so ignore this criterion is not necessary.

Another hint in choosing an ornament will be the color of the eyes. A ring with a stone that is correctly selected for the eye of a woman will be the perfect choice.

In choosing rings with stones, their size also plays a big role. For example, young girls should not choose rings with large stones. It is best to give preference to elegant and elegant rings of small size. The main rule in the choice of jewelry is that the older the woman, the larger the stone in the ring she can wear.

The most popular rings with stones

The most popular are the rings with diamonds. A diamond can be called a universal stone, which is suitable for almost all women. As a rule, the diamond is colorless, although there are also stones of gray, yellow, green and red shades.

Another popular stone is the emerald, which usually has a bright and rich green hue. The ring with emerald will become a good talisman, as the stone has healing and magical properties - it protects against diseases, preserves the feelings of lovers, purifies the aura.
Bright red ruby is one of the most durable stones after diamond. Rings with rubies are not inferior to their shining diamonds. Such an ornament will be an excellent gift to people who love extreme sports, since the red color symbolizes courage, strength and fearlessness before difficulties.

Equally beautiful and symbolic are also stones with sapphires, topazes, aquamarines, amethysts.

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