Exclusive hand-made crosses - Baptism Gifts

Exclusive hand-made crosses, presented in the store of Vladimir Mikhailov, are made of precious metals (gold, silver), have decorative engraving and carving and are of the highest quality. In the jewelry store there is also a wide selection of chains, so you can buy both silver or gold chains with a cross. The main thing that Vladimir Mikhailov's jewelry salon can be proud of is the conformity of all jewelry to the Orthodox canons that the church presents to Orthodox crosses.

Orthodox exclusive hand-made crosses meet Orthodox traditions in all respects: shape, images of the Crucifixion, inscriptions. The symbolism of the cross is incredibly capacious, not all believers who wear chains with a cross know it. The most common form of the cross is the eight-pointed form. Why exactly 8 ends have traditional handmade crosses? The two ends of the vertical bar and two ends of each of the three horizontal. The middle one is the one to which the hands of the Savior were nailed. In the Orthodox tradition, the hands of Christ are not loosely suspended, but wide open - it seems to be trying to embrace the whole world. It is a symbol of the redemption of the whole world, and not of individual chosen people.
The upper crossbar is a tablet that was nailed over the head of Christ, and on which his wine was written. And without figuring out what to blame, the Savior's executioners wrote simply: "Jesus is the Nazarene King of the Jews." Orthodox hand-made crosses have an inscription-abbreviation "INCI" on the upper crossbar, using Slavic letters. Catholic crosses have the abbreviation of the same phrase in Latin: "INRI".

The lower crossbar is the one to which the feet of Christ were nailed. The Orthodox canons dictate that his feet were nailed with two nails, on the Catholic crosses the feet of the Savior, as a rule, are crossed and nailed one nail. Modern handmade crosses do not always strictly correspond to all canons strictly, the difference between the Catholic and Orthodox traditions is gradually erased, nevertheless, when acquiring a cross or chains with a cross, it is better to understand the entire symbolism of the cross.

In our store are presented as individual Orthodox crosses of handwork, and gold chains with a cross with an exclusive pattern and the ability to make a personal order for the product. Depending on your preferences, you can purchase a cross of any shape and made of silver or gold, as well as a cross handmade with precious stones. The presented crosses differ in size, shape, degree of decorativeness. Before you put on a cross, do not forget to consecrate it in the church, because first of all it is not a jewelry, but a symbol of our faith.