Unique Engagement Rings - Orthodox and Baptism Designs

Engagement rings have long been considered a significant gift, which was presented to the chosen one by a man who intends to enter into her marriage with her. According to the centuries-old rite in the case of reciprocity, the girl put on an engagement ring on her ring finger and from that moment the pair was considered engaged. In case of failure, the ring returned to the donor.

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The history of the custom of giving engagement rings

The custom of giving engagement rings originated in Medieval Europe. By the decree of the Pope, the groom undertook to present the bride with a gold engagement ring as a sign that he had chosen her as his wife. However, the tradition of wearing rings as a symbol of devotion takes its roots back in ancient Egypt, where a gold strip, closed in a circle, was already worn on an unnamed finger.

Prior to Ancient Rus, the engagement tradition initially came in the form of matchmaking. So, on receiving matchmakers and the groom in the family house of the future bride, it was possible to determine whether the girl agrees to become a wife. True, this rite was called engagement and, accordingly, the bridegroom brought an engagement, and not an engagement ring.

Today, the tradition of giving engagement rings to future brides among young people is actively reviving. Engagement rings with diamonds are especially popular. The first in the history of the bridegroom, who presented his future wife with a gold engagement ring with a diamond, was the Austrian Duke Maximilian, who gave expensive jewelry to the daughter of the French King Maria of Burgundy. Extraordinary for those times, the act was so impressed by the rich estates and royal families that it became a part of history and became a tradition at first for wealthy people, and then for newlyweds from all over the world. To this day, presenting the beloved with an engagement ring with a diamond means showing her the highest degree of reverence and generosity.

The ring for the offer of the hand and the heart, as a rule, is much more expensive than the usual wedding ring. Tradition assumes that the high price of an engagement ring symbolizes the seriousness of the groom's intentions, as well as his conscious attitude to the upcoming family obligations.

How to wear engagement rings correctly

Nowadays, as before, engagement rings are usually worn before the wedding on the ring finger of the left hand. According to the old tradition, the ring for the offer is never used as an engagement ring, but it can be worn after the ceremony as an independent decoration.

Variants of the engagement rings

Presented in the catalog "Vladimir Mikhaylov" rings for the proposal of the hand and heart, are distinguished by a special jewelery execution and are endowed with iconic Orthodox symbols. The variety of the model range will allow even the most demanding newlyweds to easily find engagement rings from gold with diamonds, as well as other models of jewelry for engagement and the upcoming wedding.