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Eight-pointed Orthodox cross - Buy online

Far from everyone knows what the Orthodox cross should be and what it symbolizes. There are many kinds of crosses. And even Orthodoxy recognizes many forms and purposes of this symbol. First of all, we will talk about crosses, as this type of cross is the most common among Christian laymen.

The form of the Orthodox cross can be four-, six- and eight-pointed. Despite the fact that the traditional form for the Russian Orthodox cross is the eight-pointed form - it is the eight-pointed Orthodox cross that is most often worn as a native cross - it is not forbidden to wear a four-pointed cross and a six-pointed cross.

About the four-pointed cross is the most disputes. The classical four-pointed cross - Latin - is seldom worn by Orthodox Christians, although there are no prohibiting rules to this. Traditionally, it is considered a Catholic cross, especially if it does not have the image of the Crucifixion.

The six-pointed cross is used on an equal footing with the eight-pointed cross - they differ only in the presence of the last additional crossbar at the top of the cross, symbolizing the sign with the inscription above the crucified Christ, "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews".
The eight-pointed cross necessarily has the image of the Crucifixion. In this case, the feet of Christ are nailed with two nails, and not one, as is customary in the Catholic Church, and hands freely rest on the horizontal crossbar of the cross. The eight-pointed Orthodox cross symbolizes the victory of good over evil and the acceptance of Christ by the whole world. The lower oblique crossbar is also a significant symbol: it symbolizes scales, on one side of which there is good, and on the other - evil. At one end, she pointed to the robber who received Christ, the other to the one who rejected him.

Thus, the eight-pointed Orthodox cross, probably, is most symbolic and the content of all possible forms of the cross. Perhaps, that is why the Orthodox tradition honors this form to the greatest extent. And although in our time the differences between Orthodox and Catholic canons are gradually eroding, but remember that an Orthodox priest can refuse to sanctify the cross if it does not conform to the accepted tradition.

However, it is not so important, the cross of what form you will wear - it can be like an eight-pointed cross, and the cross is four-pointed, the main thing is to wear it with love and faith, pray and remember the sacrifice made by Christ. The consecrated cross must protect you from evil forces, troubles, sorrows and misfortunes.