Cross with lily petal arms - Vladimir Mikhailov

Since time immemorial, a crucifix worn next to the skin (eight-pointed or with lily petal arms) has been an integral part of the life of a believer and the most sacred relic. Our ancestors thought of crosses not as decoration, but as a form of protection of utmost importance and power, bound to a person from the day of their baptism. The cross is believed to provide an invisible defence against illness, misfortune and curses. Saint John of Kronstadt called for Christians to wear a cross around the neck for their entire lives until death, for he believed that there was no greater blessing from God than this Christian relic.


Today the cross pendant has a dual status, both as a sacral item and a beautiful ornament. The eight-pointed design is the most widespread, while the form depicting lily petal arms, considered by some to be an ancient form of the cross, is the rarest. An exclusive, hand-crafted piece of this type can be found in the catalogue of Orthodox jeweller Vladimir Mikhailov.


The cross with lily petal arms has been imbued with deep significance and elegant design.


The Russian adjective used to describe this type of cross, krinovidny, comes from the Ancient Rus word krin, meaning lily flower. The lily was mentioned by Christ himself in the Gospels, and the Holy Fathers wrote about it with reference to the Lord. The cross with lily petal arms was brought to Rus from the Byzantine Empire. At that time its points were equal in length and it clearly resembled a lily petal.


Nowadays, the cross with lily petal arms is not generally available to buyers. Finding one requires perseverance. The Orthodox master Vladimir Mikhailov looks to biblical themes in his jewellery creations, and so he has not shied away from this rare and sacred object. The cross with lily petal arms can be found in two forms in our catalogue: the Byzantine (or Greek), and the four-pointed (more widespread in Rus). The jewellery pieces are crafted in gold and silver. The uniqueness of the master’s craftsmanship makes his works utterly distinctive.

As a work of jewellery, the lily petal cross is highly exquisite and artistic. Such a piece can dazzle with its grandeur and scope. To be convinced of this you need only scroll down and look at our specially chosen range of lily petal crosses. If you have any questions, our consultants are always on hand to help you make the right choice.