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The cross-crucifixion and the meaning that it bears is the most expensive for any believer. As long as we remember the death that the Savior took for us on the cross through the crucifixion, we find the strength to abstain from sin. The cross crucifix constantly reminds us of this - about our salvation, about the great sacrifice, about the need to constantly pray to the Lord and ask him to protect our soul and body. No Christian can do without a cross. And although you can buy a crucifix today in any jewelry store, not everyone understands all its significance for the believer.

The cross-crucifix depicts Jesus Christ at the time of execution. Despite the painful death that awaited the crucified people, the Savior is depicted on the Orthodox cross rather peaceful and triumphant. Crucifixion is the eternal symbol of the redemption of the world and its deliverance from the horrors of hell. The hands of Christ peacefully rest on the top crossbar of the crucifix - so it covers the whole world. This symbol once again shows that the Messiah redeemed the sins of all people without exception.

Crosses-crucifixes can be designed for different purposes and meet different types. Crucifixes are both nadltar crosses (more common in the Western tradition), and the altar crosses, which are placed on the throne together with the Gospel, and often contain particles of the relics or robes of the holy elders (cross-relic). Beautiful nacupol crosses of many Russian churches also represent crosses-crucifixes.

Pectoral crucifixes were always the most rich in ornamentality. Such crosses could only be worn by members of the clergy, and, unlike the modest vestiges, they did not hide under their clothes. This is due to the fact that the pectoral crosses were more a sign of the difference between the clergy. Such crosses could be richly decorated, they were massive, in their decoration could be used precious stones. Individual types of such crosses complained to the clergy representatives as a kind of reward. Crucifixes in the old days were placed along the roads and could designate either a burial place or symbolize a vow.

The cross is also a crucifix. To buy a crucifix of a small size for themselves now can everyone - in a jewelry store or in a church shop. Crosses bought at a jewelry store need mandatory dedication. A small native cross (tent) worn by every believer and keeps him from harm, gives him strength of mind and strengthens in faith. It is no accident that the inscription "Save and save" is usually engraved on the back of the crucifixion.