Christening Golden Mail Chains gifts

A traditional men's gift has long been considered to be gold chains. A laconic ornamentation of precious metal at all times emphasized the status, and sometimes the life position of the owner.

Initially, gold chains appeared in ancient Egypt and almost at the same time were relevant in ancient Greece. The manufacture of body jewelry was based on the manual coupling of massive, large links into a single chain. Wearing heavy jewelery in the Ancient Civilizations was reserved only for men. Much later such decorations began to be done for girls, having first significantly simplified and refined the original version of the chain. In Russia, gold chains for men, as well as for women, came in the XIII century. The presence of gold jewelry spoke of the owner as a person who is well-off, who has a high position and influence in society.

The manufacture of jewelry was exclusively manual work up to the French Revolution. Not all categories of citizens could buy a gold chain. However, with the advent of special machines for fastening links, the production of gold chains has risen on the flow, and the cost of products has slightly decreased. Today, it is not difficult to acquire a gold nativity if desired. A rich choice allows you to choose the right chain for both the price and the manner of execution.

The catalog of jewelry "Vladimir Mikhailov" presents models of gold chains for men with different character, lifestyle and style. All products are united by a single style, based on decorativeness and ornaments, characteristic of the Novgorod and Pskov art traditions.
Men's gold chains can be worn with or without a pendant. Products differ in length, style of weaving, thickness and type of lock. To wear a cross or pendant, the male gold chain is selected carefully, with a reference to the weaving and thickness - at least 4 mm. In the online store "Vladimir Mikhailov" there are chains of gold, woven in a classical style with an elongated link, and also an anchor weaving and stylized thin gold chains with links in the form of a rook. Found in the catalog and cross weaving of gold chains, made on motives of a four-pointed cross.

Links of gold chains in some models are decorated with vegetable patterns and finely executed ornaments. The advantage of gold jewelry of the collection "Vladimir Mikhailov" is their distinctive and attractive appearance, which remains unchanged for many years. The execution of copyright gold chains is so skilful that it is impossible to repeat it to any mass production. Each product is born from a unique sketch of the artist and is endowed with a unique underline. The models presented in the catalog differ practicality, functionality and high aesthetic value. It is thanks to longevity and external brevity that gold chains are rightly recognized as an ideal jewelry gift for men.

When choosing an ornament for yourself or as a presentation it is important to pay attention not only to the artistic manner of execution of the chain, but also to the type of gold itself. In the collection there are chains of green gold, there are models of white gold, platinum, there are jewelry with inserts of diamonds. To buy original gold products from an unsurpassed master, reviving the traditions of the ancient art school, with observance of all Orthodox canons, you can on our website and in the author's salons.