Christening Gifts, Crosses, Cloth for boys and Girls

The custom of wearing a cross as a basic symbol of faith and a sign of adherence to the Orthodox tradition came to Russia from Byzantium together with the adoption of Christianity. Long since the holy sacrament of Baptism to the child it was customary to give a nativity that according to the church canons was to accompany him throughout his life and serve as a reminder of God. We selected a cross for christening in the old days, parents or godmother with special gravity, paying attention to the size, shape and material of which the product is made.
After centuries, the tradition of presenting a cross to the child for baptism was preserved. However, with today's variety of models and forms, the first decoration for a baby can be not easy. In addition, rare modern jewelers with due regard regard the observance of Christian traditions in the creation of authentic jewelry. Gallery "Vladimir Mikhailov" offers a luxurious collection of crosses for baptism from silver, gold and platinum, made with the support of Orthodox traditions.
Types of crosses for baptism

Since the advent of Christianity in Russia, everyone knew that it is necessary to have your own cross for christening. Wealthy people ordered "natelniki" of gold or silver for their children from experienced masters, whereas ordinary people made crosses for baptism from improvised means: wood, iron, stone, in rare cases, silver.
The form of the Christian native cross with the course of history and the strengthening of Orthodoxy in Russia periodically changed. Until now, it is not canonically fixed by one option. According to the legend, the first cross, brought to Russia by Prince Vladimir from Byzantium, was four-pointed or Byzantine. It was this type of cross that was originally made and donated to baptism in Russia.
In addition to the four-pointed cross, six-pointed Orthodox crosses with the image of an empty cross and prayer on the back were also popular. They were also accepted to donate and don a child for baptism. In tsarist Russia, the christening was given an eight-pointed cross, which still remains in demand among Orthodox Christians.
Which cross to choose for baptism

With each new century, the skill of jewelers grew, which made it possible to make crosses for baptism of more complex shapes with rounded outlines, petals, patterned edges, crimped, drop-shaped, in the form of grapevines and others.
With the variety of models that exist today, the choice of the first sign decoration for a baby can seem a challenge. However, a thorough knowledge of the basic rules will make it easy to purchase.
Since at the christening of a child in the Russian church it is necessary to have a cross, it is important to pay attention to the details peculiar to the Orthodox tradition, so as not to be mistaken in the choice of jewelry. So, perhaps, the main difference between the Orthodox cross and the Catholic crucifix is the lower crossbeam, to which, according to the Orthodox version, the legs of Christ were nailed with two nails. For the Catholic tradition, there is always one nail below the crucifixion.
Choosing a cross for baptism of the baby is also important to take into account the size, nature of the outline and the material from which the decoration is made. Buy a baby cross is best of gold or silver, as it is these noble metals that are considered the most harmless to the delicate skin of the baby. The product should be small and round in shape, so that the child can comfortably wear it. In addition to the cross, you can also buy a gold or silver chain. Newborns are baptized with a cross on a soft ribbon.
Buy a cross for baptism, which will differ not only in external charm, but also strictly conform to the Orthodox canons, you can in the author's salons "Vladimir Mikhailov" and on our website.
Crosses for christening "Vladimir Mikhailov"

Crosses for children from the collection "Vladimir Mikhailov" is distinguished by highly artistic execution, smooth lines and unsurpassed quality of jewelry processing. Inspired by the tradition of old masters, with biblical subjects and natural ornaments, the artist creates original and elegant orthodox Christmas dresses for children and adults that differ in their forms and manner of performance.
In the catalog are crimiform, drop-shaped, Latin, flourished, eight and four-pointed crosses. The collection also shows a luxurious selection of Byzantine crosses with rounded ends, six-pointed crosses framed by streamlined four-leafed lines, laconic, straight-pointed silver crosses with the "Save and Save" prayer on the reverse side. Each jewelry of the collection "Vladimir Mikhailov" is not only the fruit of the artistic citation of biblical stories, but also is evidence of the artist's long practice, his creative intuition, deep immersion in history and tradition.
In his jewelry collection the author focuses on creating an impressive assortment of children's crosses and offers models of crosses for christening adults. So, in the collection there are majestic and monumental male crosses made of gold, platinum and silver. There are also expressive, feminine crosses executed with subtle, filigree motifs. Made of high-quality noble materials, Orthodox crosses are often decorated with precious stones and decorative elements that turn the products into real pieces of jewelry art. Clothes for baptism In addition to choosing a nativity cross in preparation for the first church sacrament, clothes for baptizing a baby are important. Like a cross, the baptismal kit is purchased in advance, usually by the godmother or the parents of the child. In the baptismal set of linen is a spacious shirt made of cotton, linen or silk, kosyachka or cap, white towel and sheet. The Orthodox tradition allows the baptismal set to be supplemented with festive and delicate or embroidered embroidery. In the author's salons "Vladimir Mikhailov" and on our site you will find solemn christening sets, as well as crosses for the baptism of children, characterized by miniature shapes and smooth outlines. You can also buy standard clothes for baby baptism in the store at any temple.