Christening Crosses Archangel Michael - Baptism Gifts

The cross "Archangel Michael" with a gilded ornamental halo and a pronounced foot conveys special stability and monumentality. A wide vertical field is as if specifically intended for placement of full-figured images, and the segmented corners of the upper blade of the cross subordinate the drawing contour of the product of the overall harmonious composition. The relief modeling of the figures on the product is extremely delicate.
Successfully found the rhythm of alternation of elements of different depth of the relief enlivens the general composition of the cross "Archangel Michael": the bright accent of a deep background is emphasized by a border that seems to dissolve in the air shine of a light patterned crown. This cross can be recommended to those who preach the Word of God, leading a mental battle with the invisible enemies of salvation and striving by the power of the word to turn their neighbors away from false doctrines or unbelief.


The image of Christ is subordinated to the canon of that noble conventionality that characterizes the works of art of medieval Rus. The crucifixion is accompanied by the inscription: "King of Glory". This line of the 23rd Psalm of the Prophet David is included in one of the most majestic texts of the Liturgy of Gregory Dvoslov, or the Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts, usually performed by Lent on Wednesday and Friday: "Now the Heavenly Powers are invisibly serving us, and the King of Glory enters: is finished. " Thus, the King of Glory is a Christ-triumphant, "Dorenosimy" as the commander-victor with his warriors ("to finish" means in translation from the ancient language "to carry on spears").

The King of Glory is also a Sacrifice, because Divine Majesty did not prevent the Savior's Cross feat, because there is nothing superior to Divine Love. On the reverse side of the cross - Archangel Michael in military armor with a sword, standing in a golden arch, on the sides - the faces of the Seraphim. Above the arch is the Holy Face of the Savior. The combination of these icons has the value of patronage to monks and warriors, as it could be present on combat armor and banners.

Eight-pointed cross "Archangel Michael"

This cross "Archangel Michael" is distinguished by the classical form of an eight-pointed cross with a tablet-title and foot. The image field is rich in symbolic inscriptions. The cross can be recommended to soldiers, monks, Christian preachers, all those who need a strong defense of the Celestial Host.


The upper lath depicts angels with intimate hands, worshiping Christ as a Eucharistic Sacrifice. On the reverse side - Archangel Michael, clothed in armor and standing on a cloud with a sword in hands is presented. His image is accompanied by the text of a prayer addressed to the Guardian Angel: "To the Angel of God, my holy saint, establish my life in the fear of Christ God."

Cross-Reliquary "Archangel Michael"

This cross-encolping "Archangel Michael" inside has four separate ark for the storage of St. relics. The cross has a simple eight-pointed form. On the reverse, the escape of the vine, which is a symbol of the Eucharist, is awarded. As St. Clement of Alexandria writes, "the vine gives wine as the Word of His Blood."


The outside shows the Crucifixion. On the inner surface - Archangel Michael in military armor. The image of the heavenly Angel with a sword is reminiscent of the gates of Eden, guarded by the formidable Cherub. The gate to Eden opens with the Cross of Christ, therefore the key to interpreting the meaning of the image is here the image of the heavenly gates.