Christening and Baptism Gifts for beloved one

How often do we face the fact that we want to congratulate a beloved one on a Christian, Orthodox holiday, and not just congratulate, but also make a Baptism gift - the Orthodox, which will appeal to a specific holiday. This is not an easy task. Baptism Gifts are not easy to give, and Christening gifts are not easy doubly. Our online store of Orthodox gifts offers a variety of exquisite jewelry - crosses for the naked and cross-relics, made of silver and gold images of patron saints and guardian angels, "Save and Save" rings and other security rings, wedding and wedding rings, souvenir Easter eggs, as well as other Baptism gifts.

Buy christening gifts in our store can be to any Orthodox holiday - Christmas, Angel Day, Easter, Trinity, wedding, baptism. Presented jewelry is different in size, decor, so you can pick a wonderful christening gift not only to a man or woman, but also to a child. For example, the assortment of Orthodox crosses is represented by a wide range of crosses, from the largest to the smallest, which will perfectly suit as a gift for the baptism of a small child.

An Orthodox gift is more than just a thing. By donating a cross or an icon, you give a piece of God's blessing. Approach the choice of a christening gift carefully, for example, read an article about the Orthodox cross or consult a priest, so that the bought cross will become a real protection for the whole of his life for the newly baptized.

Similarly, carefully and carefully, one should approach the choice of other Orthodox gifts - rings or icons. Guard rings, for example, have an engraved prayer on their surface. If you want to give a person such a ring, you need to carefully consider the choice of prayer, pick up a ring with the one that is most needed for this particular person. No less accurate should be the choice and icons. Preliminary find out which saint is the patron of the person to whom the baptism gift is meant. If it is impossible to find out, select the icon with the figure of the guardian angel - our Orthodox gift shop offers a wide range of such miniatures. Gifted with love, the guardian angel will protect your loved one from all troubles and sorrows and strengthen your spirit and faith.

If you need a less personal christening gift - for example, you do not know the person you want to make an Orthodox gift so well, look in the sections of our "Chains" or "Easter Eggs" catalog. The souvenirs presented here will satisfy the most pretentious taste and at the same time are neutral enough to come up as a gift for any holiday both for men and women.