Children's golden crosses

Speaking of crosses for baptism, we should briefly say what the cross means, a symbol of the cross for an Orthodox Christian. The cross is a symbol of faith, a symbol of grace, which the Lord bestowed upon us. The cross is also a symbol of repentance. And yet it is a powerful protective and healing power. Every Orthodox has to wear a cross. But, if an adult does this consciously, turning to the cross every day in prayer with the request to give strength and protection, then the infant can not do it yet. But it is the little man who at times needs the most protection. Therefore, we necessarily baptize the baby and put on him a special cross for baptism. And this cross now becomes for man a true companion of life, protecting from disease and sorrows, from sins, giving strength.


Children's gold crosses are in no way different from crosses for adults. They have the same symbols and attributes as any traditional Orthodox cross, have the same power. On the child's golden cross there is certainly a Crucifix - an image of the crucified Jesus Christ. The Orthodox tradition is characterized by the image of the Savior freely hanging on the cross - he does not hang under the weight of torture, but as if he is spreading his arms wide, trying to embrace the whole world. On the reverse side of the cross is often the inscription: "Save and Save!". This is the main call of every Christian believer to the Lord. Children's gold crosses can differ from adults only formally - for example, to have smaller sizes, to be more elegant.


To buy a cross for baptism is the duty of the godfather and mother. Of course, future spiritual parents want to present the child with the most beautiful thing, but remember that the power of the cross is not in its beauty, but in itself, no matter whether it is made of gold or ordinary metal. Nevertheless, in modern society it has long been accepted to wear silver or gold crosses.

The cross for baptism is usually hung on a string. For a baby to wear a cross on a string is more secure than on a gold or silver chain. Before putting a cross on the neck of a child, the priest reads special prayers and asks the Lord for protection for the person being baptized, both for his spirit and for his body. Often, parents attach special importance to the baptism of a weak and painful child, since the earlier it is baptized, the faster the cross will be able to show its healing power.


Any native cross must be sanctified. However, children's gold crosses can be consecrated directly during the rite of baptism. Cross for baptism can be bought directly before the ceremony in the church or pick up suitable in the jewelry store Vladimir Mikhailov.