Image of Lady the Inexhaustible Chalice - Baptism Gifts

The icon of the Mother of God "The Inexhaustible Chalice" acquired special fame in our time. The phenomenon of the miraculous icon "The Inexhaustible Chalice" occurred in 1878. One peasant from Tula province, a retired soldier, was possessed by a passion for wine drinking. His legs were cut off, but he continued to drink. In a dream the old man appeared to him and said: "Go to the city of Serpukhov, to the monastery of the Lady of the Theotokos. There is an icon "The Inexhaustible Chalice". Served in front of her is a moleben and will be healthy with your soul and body. " But no one in the monastery knew icons with such a name. After a long search in the aisle from the cathedral church in the vestry, an image was found on the back of which was found the inscription: "Inexhaustible Chalice". After the completion of the healing, the icon began to be revered throughout Russia.

The Inner Image of an Inexhaustible Bowl

A miniature pendant in the form of a cartouche with a pair of leaves resembling acacia leaves is decorated with a cruciform in the head. The fineness of artistic work is combined in the product with the beauty of proportions.

Miniature Image Inexhaustible Cup

The semicircular frame of the arched icon, crowned with a golden bud of a stylized tulip in the head, resembles a niche of the Altar in the altar of the Orthodox church and gives the impression of a special monumentality. Lists of the miracle-working image are cured of addiction to alcohol and drugs. It is possible to resort to the Theotokos not only in grief, but also in joy, thanks to Her for the acceptance of the Holy Life-giving Mysteries.