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The native golden cross as the main Christian attribute and the symbol of faith in Rus was established immediately after the Epiphany. Even then, every believer considered it an honor to wear an Orthodox cross on his chest. According to the giving, originally natelniki in Russia made four-pointed in the prototype of the first cross, brought by Prince Vladimir from Byzantium.

The products of the master were manufactured by the handkerchiefs from improvised but durable materials: they were made of stone or wood, cast from tin. Gold and silver ornaments were created only for wealthy individuals by skilled artisans. Thanks to a subtle instinct, attention to Russian color and a deep study of the Christian tradition, the ancient masters began to supplement the customary Byzantine model of the cross with other details over time, introducing new forms and outlines.

To get acquainted with all the variety of in-house gold crosses you can today in the online store "Vladimir Mikhailov". Each item of the collection is made according to the unique sketches of the master in accordance with the Orthodox canons. Inspired by examples of old Pskov and Novgorod jewelers, the artist embodies timeless images in his author's collection. Vladimir Mikhailov pays special attention to the creation of men's gold crosses, investing in each piece of jewelry a unique style of performance and subtlety of manual work. The high quality of the material allows creating crosses with different outlines, complementing the models with expressive and meaningful patterns.

Each gold cross from the men's collection "Vladimir Mikhailov" reflects not only a deep Christian symbolism, but also a close connection with nature, which has long been characteristic of Russian jewelry. Noble decorations of men's gold crosses are set then emphasized by a strict form of laconic models, then festive tonality jewelery decorated with precious stones.

Buy a golden cross for men on Epiphany, as a gift to a close person or yourself you can in our online store and author's salons "Vladimir Mikhailov". Native decoration has long been associated with invaluable Christian symbols, reminiscent of the origins of the dogma and the spiritual traditions that are significant for every Orthodox person.

Reviving the unique techniques of old Byzantine and Russian masters, the artist fills each of his work with artistic expressiveness and beauty. The characteristic collections of Vladimir Mikhailov, the uniforms of the patrons always closely resemble the depicted composition. Each golden male cross here is distinguished by the naturalness of the lines, the unsurpassed quality of high-precision casting and the canonical representation of Christ, characteristic of the Orthodox tradition.

Inspired not only by the dogma, but also by the natural beauty of the nature of native lands, Vladimir Mikhailov skilfully transfers iconographic symbols and biblical texts to the plastic form of the main Christian attribute. In the collection you will find gold male crosses of the Byzantine type with drop-shaped edges, crimped models with a carved contour, fundamental straight crosses and other models that conform to the Orthodox canons. All products of Vladimir Mikhailov are distinguished by fine jewelry engraving and unique visual aesthetics, characteristic of true works of art.

Thanks to the high quality of precious alloys used in the creation of men's gold crosses, the recognizable style of the author and the precise correspondence of the Orthodox tradition, Vladimir Mikhailov's products are rightly considered ideal gifts for close and respected people. Along with a wide range of gold jewelry, the collection also features male crosses made of platinum, silver and silver with gilding. Some models are encrusted with precious stones.

In addition to its artistic value, each gold cross from the catalog "Vladimir Mikhailov" is practical and functional, it is freely combined with complementary gold chains, also presented in the collection.

When choosing a male gold cross for yourself or as a gift, you will be guided by the orientation to the size of the product and the feature of its shape. The variety of the model range, filled with festive decor and monumental asceticism, will allow you to buy a cross, which most corresponds to the style and lifestyle of its future owner.

To buy a gold cross from a rare male green or classic alloy for yourself and as a gift is to become the owner of the invaluable symbol of faith, which is rightfully referred to the best works of jewelry art. In the collection "Vladimir Mikhailov", in addition to men's models, you can also buy elegant women's and miniature, filigree children's gold crosses. To get acquainted with the entire line of orthodox native gold crosses and other ornaments made on exclusive author's sketches, you can in our jewelry salons or on the site.