Diamond Rings - Christening Gifts for Men and Women

Throughout the history of jewelry, the most popular and expensive precious stones are diamonds. The history of these stones really lasts for millennia. Before you get into the rim and become an elegant decoration, the diamond goes a very long way. The most valuable gem is formed in deep bowels under the influence of extreme temperature and strong pressure. Then the diamonds are pushed out of the depths of the earth by the forces of nature or they are mined in a special way. After extraction, the stones are split and then subjected to several processing steps.

The history of the rings with diamonds

It is believed that diamonds were mined, processed and sold in the fourth century in India. However, in those days, only the real rich could afford to buy precious stones. In the Middle Ages, diamonds begin to be supplied to Europe, where they instantly become popular with the palace nobility. At first, only royal regalia were decorated with diamonds. However, the development of jewelry, the increase in the production of precious stones and the increase in demand over time led to a rather high popularity of diamond rings not only among representatives of royal families.

The first workshops, in which diamonds were cut, appeared in Venice in the 13th century. After a while processing of precious stones began to be engaged in Paris, Bruges and Antwerp. The more popular and expensive diamond rings became, the more rules appeared for wearing them. In particular, it was considered a bad form to wear jewelry with diamonds during the day. By the way, this rule is actual in our days too.

The modern history of diamonds begins in South Africa in 1866, where large deposits of diamonds were discovered. South African diamonds greatly influenced the development of the jewelry business: modern methods of cutting and polishing diamonds in large industrial volumes appeared, which eventually reduced the cost of diamond rings. Nowadays, diamonds are mined in 25 countries. However, South Africa remains the largest supplier of precious stones.

Diamond Rings Save and Protect

The diamond is recognized as a symbol of love, purity, perfection, purity. It is believed that the diamond rings bring good luck and fill life with energy. For this reason, Save and Protect rings with a diamond enjoy special honor and popularity. Correctly selected ring will help to activate internal reserves, will indicate the right way of life, help in difficult situations. Diamond Rings - a universal option, which is suitable for everyone, so you can safely choose it for a gift.

Where to buy a diamond ring?

The most demanded jewelry with a diamond is considered to be an engagement ring. The first such product was created in 1477 by the order of the Austrian Archduke Maximilian. For a long time, only very rich people could give wedding rings to engagement rings with diamonds.

However, in the 30-ies of the twentieth century, because of the decline in the cost of these jewelry and a successful advertising campaign, the popularity of wedding rings with a diamond has increased dramatically. Of course, the price of diamond rings is still quite high, but it is fully justified by their amazing appearance.

Today you can easily buy a ring with a diamond of author's work in the studio of Vladimir Mikhailov. The jeweler creates surprisingly beautiful and original products, which you can buy for a gift to a loved one. Such a present in the form of a diamond ring probably will not go unnoticed either in artificial light, or in the photo.

How to wear a diamond ring

Rings with diamonds - incredibly exquisite and whimsical jewelry. In addition, it is not customary to wear them in the daytime, it is considered bad taste wearing with other rings. A ring with a diamond is put on the ring finger of the hand, while its combination with other stones and simple ornaments is not welcomed.

Rings with diamonds are considered as adornments of married women, for unmarried girls a suspension or a pendant with this noble stone will approach. If the diamond in the ring is large enough, then it is allowed to put on the ornament on the middle finger. Rings with massive diamonds are also not suitable for business atmosphere, it is better to leave them for the evening exit. Observing these simple rules can look absolutely compelling.