The Blessed Virgin - Icons and Images for the Necklace

The Blessed Virgin always supported women in their difficult life. Having born the Savior in a miraculous way, completely painless, without suffering at the birth of the Son, the Virgin Mary experienced superhuman torment at the Cross of the Lord: "Come, Mother, Yours, crying sobbingly: how I do not grieve and my wombs are not Biyu, see Tanya naga as condemned, on the tree Hanging ". Deeply understanding all the Divine perfection of Jesus and His unspeakable love for people, the Blessed Virgin was witness to the injustice of the creature to its Creator, the betrayal of the closest disciples, the complete misunderstanding of those for whom the bloody Gerva of Christ was committed. Only the Divine Grace that strengthened the Mother of God gave her the opportunity to be firm in the face of terrible trials. Always knowing that Christ is the true God, who has the intention to reveal the miracle of the Resurrection, She did not need any additional evidence and evidence of the heavenly Truth of the Epiphany. But it was this knowledge that made the suffering of the Mother of God especially cruel against the background of the mad blindness of Jerusalem, mourned by the prophet Jeremiah and Christ for the petrified insensibility to the Holy.

The nude sculpture in the Rodah, the assistant, represented in the collection, has a cross-shaped title in memory of Calvary.

The icon not only helps with childbirth, but also with the upbringing of spiritual children. The apostle Paul compared the feelings of the spiritual father, who is sick of spiritual children, with the torments of the woman in childbirth, which should last until the disciples "imagine Christ".

  • Catalogue no.: 44133
  • Metall: Green gold 14k
  • Height: 42 мм.
  • Width: 19 мм.


This icon of the Blessed Virgin, revered by the Orthodox Church, is turned to by those seeking protection in childbirth. The Blessed Virgin is shown with her head uncovered and her arms in a position of prayer. The Infant Jesus is depicted at the level of the Virgin Mary”s breast. The personal icon has been made in the shape of an apse topped with an apex with a cross insignia, inside of which is the sacred image of a dove, the symbol of the Holy Spirit. On the reverse are the words of a prayer.
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