Baptismal, Orthodox Neck Symbols of Faith - Buy online

Every believing person always wears the symbol of his faith - the nativity cross. Together with the cross, you can also wear a personal icon that protects a person from evil. After the rite of baptism, the believer receives his heavenly protector, to whom he must offer prayers. Usually it is that saint whose memory is honored on the day when man was born. Ascending the prayer to your patron helps to gain the believer's grace, stay healthy, avoid temptations and sins, and the personalized icon will become the embodiment of spirituality and purity.

If you are going to buy a personal icon, then first you need to ask which saint became the heavenly patron of man. You can choose a personalized icon with the image of a saint revered in the family. It can be the icons on which depict Sergius of Radonezh, John the Theologian, Nicholas the Miracle-Worker, the Archangel Michael.

Why choose a personalized icon

The name icon will be an ideal gift for various religious and secular holidays such as birthday, Easter, christening, Christmas. To buy the original inscribed personal icon can be in the studio of Vladimir Mikhailov. The jeweler uses high-quality precious materials in his work, so all his products are longevous. And the biblical stories embodied in jewelry are truly beautiful.
See the catalog of icons of the artist, in which you can easily find the desired icon for you. All works are executed in an original artistic manner, therefore they are real jewelery masterpieces. Orthodox personal icons, bought in the studio of Vladimir Mikhailov, will be a good gift to a loved one or strengthening his own faith and spirituality.