Baptismal sets for girls

One of the first sacred rites for the newborn is the Sacrament of Baptism. For the preparation for it, according to tradition, the parents of the gods are responsible, who choose the baby cross and clothes for baptism. A christening set for a girl is bought or sewed by her own hands godmother.

Baptismal kits for girls are slightly different from those traditionally given to boys. A solemn and aesthetically impeccable set for a girl is usually created from a snow-white, light pink or soft beige natural fabric. In addition to the cap, diapers and towels, the kit necessarily includes a dress adorned with delicate lace, beads and silk hand-embroidered. Chepchik from the set, by analogy with the dress, is decorated with Slavic and Orthodox patterns, a towel and diaper are made of soft, easily absorbent fabric. At the request of the godparents or parents on the baptismal dress also embroider the name of the child.

Choosing a baptismal set for a girl is important, focusing not only on the external attractiveness, but also on the feature of the cut of the dress and its length. Clothes for christenings should be as comfortable as possible, with a minimum of fasteners and soft seams turned inside out. The length of the baptismal dress should not be too long, so that it would be easy for the priest to perform the anointing ceremony.

During the Sacrament the girl, as a rule, is held by the godmother, she takes the child from the font and wipes it with a soft towel from the prepared baptismal set. After baptism, the set is preserved in memory of the sacred day, becoming a kind of family heirloom.

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