Buy baptismal and christening sets for boys

Baptism in the church symbolizes the entry of man into the spiritual path and his protection from physical and spiritual illnesses. That is why children are trying to baptize from an infant age. The rite of the baptism of boys in the Orthodox tradition presupposes a certain set of attributes and is slightly different from the Sacrament performed for girls. The difference is noticeable in the baptism ceremony, and in the baptismal sets.

The godmother is to choose the baptismal for the boy according to a long-established custom, in some cases the parents themselves buy clothes for baptism. During the baptism, according to the tradition, the boy is held by the godfather on his hands, he also takes the child from the font and gives the child a cross. Orthodox canons suggest that, at the time of the Sacrament, the boy, unlike the girl, is brought to the iconostasis and altar. This is due to the fact that men since childhood are perceived as potential clergymen.

The clothes of the baby at the sacred celebration should not be so festive, as comfortable and appropriate to church canons. Generally accepted norms presuppose a minimum of decorations and pretentiousness in the outfit of the baby. Baptismal sets for boys are selected, as a rule, from natural fabrics. It is recommended that clothes be made in a single tone and have a simple cut. The set for baptism can be embroidered with Slavic and Orthodox motifs or contain a nominal symbolism.

Baptismal mother can sew the baptismal set for the boy and independently. However, the kit should include a baptismal shirt, cap, diaper and a large towel for comfortable rubbing the baby, so the best solution is to buy a baptismal set. After baptism, the boy's baptismal set is preserved in the family in memory of a significant event in the life of the baby and serves him as a symbol of faith.

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