Baptism Rings - Unique Christening Gift Collection

Orthodox rings are as old as our faith. It seems that they were in use already when the crosses appeared - the main attribute of Christianity. In Russia, an orthodox ring was given to a young girl, so that the Lord and the Mother of God could save her virginity before marriage. Rings Orthodox "Save and Save" were worn by men, especially those who went into battle. To protect themselves from the enemy and ill-wishers from ancient times, church rings were made with the image of St. George the Victorious, the main saint who managed to overcome the devil in the form of a dragon.

Today, the church rings of the Orthodox jeweler Vladimir Mikhailov are represented in a wide variety. Here you will find the guard rings of white gold, decorated with precious stones, the guarding church rings "Save and save" with prayer. In the assortment are presented and wedding orthodox rings of the classical type ("Song of the Theotokos", "Our Father"). For lovers of minimalism, the orthodox "Jesus Prayer" with smooth edges and with a neatly engraved prayer "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner" will have to taste to the taste of minimalism.

Orthodox rings for spouses

The Orthodox ring is a particularly important subject for the married. During the wedding, our ancestors dressed on an unnamed finger of each other exclusively with a silver ring. Orthodox master Vladimir Mikhailov also observes this tradition, having presented many models of orthodox wedding rings made of pure silver with a prayer on the back.

Some of the orthodox rings of Vladimir Mikhailov contain ancient Russian motifs:

These orthodox rings with a protective prayer keep couple and family from strife and quarrels. Wearing such a guard ring on your finger, you carry a prayer with you all the time, and every look at the ring, even thrown in passing, makes you remember the prayer and say the words of the request.

Regardless of the reason for which you choose an Orthodox ring, regardless of the type and shape, be sure that Vladimir Mikhailov's jewelry will be the best purchase for years to come.