Baptism and Christening Spoons for Babies

The custom of giving a spoon to a godfather is one of the few old Russian traditions that have survived to the present day. There is a belief that a child is given a silver or gold spoon to knock on the first breaking tooth of a baby, and then all the teeth will be healthy. Often this spoon becomes the first spoon of the baby when it starts to eat "from the spoon". From generation to generation, silver and gold spoons are still passed to children, especially those decorated with enamel and drawings. All the decorative spoons presented in the collection go back to traditional wooden products.

Spoon "Old Russian"

The beauty of this product consists in contrasting the simple forms of the cuttings and the rich ornamentation of the "scoop". The complicated ornament of oriental character is beautifully shaded by the smooth surface of the handle, harmoniously combining with the twisted element at its base. The shape and artistic solution of the spoon resemble ancient wooden objects of ancient Russian folk art.

Spoon with Prayer, Big

On the twisted handle of an elegant spoon with an ornament in the form of a bud of a tulip, an oval cartouche with the Church Slavonic text of the table prayer is strengthened. The finely decorated gold scoop is covered with a continuous lace of a graphic ornament reminiscent of traditional Russian patterns of the 16th-17th centuries. Ancient Russia. At the same time, in the design of the cuttings and decor there is a unique author's view - departing from the forms characteristic of the national product, the ornamental decoration of the cuttings or the relief of the spoon are characterized here by aristocratic grace and sophistication. The twisted shank, supplemented in some cases with rounded "beads" and miniature balusters, can end with a flower, an angel figure or a plaque with the text of a prayer. Such a spoon will become a wonderful and memorable gift to any kid, just getting to know the "adult" kitchen.

Spoon with Crucifery

Elegant children's spoon with a carved handle has a smooth scoop in the form of a petal and an ornamental ending in the form of a figured cross in the frame of acanthus leaves. The design of the cuttings is characterized by aristocratic grace. The clear and at the same time refined form of the product allows us to consider it an example of impeccable taste in artistic design works.

Spoon with the Guardian Angel

A small spoon of classical "Old Russian" form with a twisted handle and a solid herb ornament is complemented by a sculptural image of a flying angel. The tradition of such an artistic solution goes back to European medieval products. The product can be a wonderful gift to the child on Angel's day.

Spoon with Crucifera, Large

A spoonful of a spoonful is presented in the form of a blossoming flower on an exquisite stem resembling a primrose-snowdrop, associated with the first step into adulthood. Rosette flower decorating the top of the cuttings, complemented by decorative curls and naturalistic leaves, and ends with a decoration in the form of a bud. The edge of the cup is decorated with an original border of fine carved ornament.