Apostles Peter and Paul - Icons and Images for Necklace

The apostle Peter, formerly called Simon, was the son of the fisherman Jonah of Bethsaida of Galilee and the brother of the apostle Andrew the First-Called, who brought him to Christ.
Called Christ the Savior for fishing on the Lake of Gennesaret, he always expressed special devotion and determination, for which he was awarded a special approach to the Lord. He was the first to resolutely confess the Lord Jesus Christ by Christ, that is, the Messiah, and for which he was awarded the name Stone (Peter).

His threefold abdication from the Lord on the eve of His crucifixion, the apostle Peter washed with bitter tears of remorse, so that after His resurrection the Lord restored him again in apostolic dignity.

The apostle Peter the first promoted the spread and establishment of the Church of Christ after the descent of the Holy Spirit and converted many souls to Christ. The spiritual power that came from the apostle Peter was so strong that even his shadow, overshadowing the sick lying on the street, healed them.

St. Paul, originally bore the Jewish name Saul, belonged to the tribe of Benjamin and was born in the Cilician city of Tarsus. In his youth, Saul was preparing for the position of rabbi, and therefore he manifested himself as a strong adherent of pharisaism and persecutor of the faith of Christ.

The Lord, who saw in him "a vessel chosen for Himself", on the way to Damascus miraculously called him to the apostolic ministry. The Lord commanded him to go to Damascus, where the blinded Saul was taught faith, and on the third day he was baptized with Ananias and received his sight. From this time on he became a zealous preacher before the persecuted teaching.
Afterwards, Saul made several apostolic journeys, wrote his message to the Galatians and the first message to the Corinthians. (In all, the Apostle Paul wrote 14 messages, the Christian teaching.) Together with Barnabas he passed the whole island of Cyprus, and from this time Saul, who converted the proconsul of Sergius Paul to the faith, is already called Paul. During the missionary journeys of Paul, Christian communities were established in the towns of Asia Minor: Antioch of Pisidia, Iconium, Lystra, Derbe, Philippi, Solun and Berea.

The apostle Paul and the apostle Peter worked hard to spread the Christian faith and both were executed in Rome under Emperor Nero. They are justly honored together, and their memory is celebrated in one day.

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The Apostles were two of the first and most loyal followers of Christ. The Holy Apostles were miraculously called to serve God, and laboured hard in spreading the Christian faith. The saints are often venerated together, and prayers to them result in many miracles, just as happened during their time on Earth. On the reverse of the icon is a sacred image of the Holy Cross.
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