Crucifixion Locket

  • Catalogue no.: 44490
  • Metall: Green gold 14k
  • Height: 35 mm
  • Width: 17 mm
On the front of the locket is an image of the Crucifixion of Jesus and onlookers. When closed, the locket depicts an image of Christ Pantocrator in the centre with the Jesus Prayer inscribed around the icon. On the left is an image of the Mother of God Quick to Hear, and on the right hinged section, John the Baptist is depicted turning to Christ. Prayers surround the icon: The Jesus Prayer: Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner. The prayers to the Madonna in front of her icon, the Mother of God Quick to Hear: Let us make haste to the Theotokos amid our misfortunes, and fall down now before her holy icon, crying out with faith from the depths of our soul. Troparion to St. John the Baptist: The memory of the righteous is celebrated with hymns of praise, but the Lord’s testimony is sufficient for you, O Forerunner. You were shown in truth to be the most honourable of the prophets, for you were deemed worthy to baptize in the streams of the Jordan Him whom they foretold. Therefore, having suffered for the truth with joy, you proclaimed to those in hell God who appeared in the flesh, who takes away the sin of the world, and grants us great mercy. The Holy Isapostolic Mary Magdalene, Bringer of Peace The image of St. Mary Magdalene is shown on a cross-shaped icon with merging rays of glory. The saint was one of the most faithful disciples of Christ, devotedly serving the Church, spreading the holy word with the apostles. Mary Magdalene was one of the first to witness the Resurrection of the Saviour and tell the world of the Resurrection of Christ.
About author

Vladimir Mikhailov is an artist and stonecutter who creates Orthodox images and symbols.
He has worked with the blessing of the Church since 1983 read more

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