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Региональные (Россия)
Day of Family, Love and Faithfulness

Vladimir Mikhailov’s collection of Russian Orthodox jewellery bearing portraits of saints was created to commemorate Peter and Fevronia Day: a celebration of family, love, and faithfulness.

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Miniature cross the size of an apple pip

The Our Lady of Smolensk lily petal cross combines the subtlety and restraint that characterize Eastern Christian iconography.



Vladimir Mikhailov is an artist and stonecutter who creates Orthodox images and symbols. He has worked with the blessing of the Church since 1983 read more.

In his work, Vladimir Mikhailov revives the artistic technique of depicting Orthodox spiritual images that has been passed down from generation to generation. The technique originated in Pskov and Novgorod in the 12th and 13th centuries, and has become traditional in the depiction of the Orthodox symbols of Rus. His works of fine sculpture, typical of the Northern School, are particularly spiritually expressive and distinctive, and project a visible asceticism.

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