Unique orthodox Crosses - Christening Gifts for boys/girls

Before you buy a cross, think about what place in your life it will take. This is not just an ornament - even if the native Orthodox cross is made of silver or gold, its main role is not decorative, but protective, memorable.

Today, an Orthodox cross can be bought in almost any jewelry store or any church shop. But, despite this, you must remember that the meaning of the cross for a true believer will never diminish. The symbol of faith is what the cross is. To buy it means to gain support and additional protection from sins and doubts.

Why is a cross called native? Because it is worn under clothing, "on the body." Even if you decide to purchase a cross from precious metal, you should not display it and wear it as an ornament. The native Orthodox cross should remind you of God, your faith, the need for daily prayer and repentance. Let us recall Christian history, we recall the cross that Jesus carried when he went to Calvary. It was a simple wooden, heavy cross, Jesus was in great pain when he carried it to the place of his execution. That's what the symbol of the cross is, this is what you must remember every time your hand touches your own cross.

Today, Christians are not subjected to such torment. Nobody obliges them to buy a cross on the basis of a tree. Native Orthodox crosses can be very elegant, beautiful. But one thing remains unchanged for centuries - on every cross there is an image of the crucified Jesus Christ, and every time we look at this image, we remember what the Savior suffered for and for whom. The image is simultaneously a symbol, and an effective means of protection. After all, the native Orthodox cross is meant to protect its owner not only from actual sins, but also from those evil forces and spirits that push him to these sins.

Having bought a cross, you must remember that it is undesirable to remove it in any situation, even during bathing or playing sports. The cross is your protection, this is what must always be with you. That is why it is more practical today to buy a cross on the basis of such durable materials as, for example, gold.

If you decide to buy an Orthodox cross in a jewelry store, and not in a church shop, remember that you must consecrate it before wearing it. Crosses, sold at churches and monasteries, as a rule, are already consecrated. In addition, be sure that the purchased cross is not an empty decorative decoration, but meets all the requirements of the Orthodox tradition.