Tikhon of Kaluga Icons and Images for Necklace

The Monk Tikhon of Kaluga (Medyn) miracle worker, lived in the XV century. It is assumed that he was a native of the "mother of Russian cities" - Kiev. In his youth he came to Moscow and took monastic tonsure, and after a while, in love for solitude, retired to a deserted place near the cities of Kaluga and Medyn, whose names later became part of his name.

The podvizhnik settled in a dense forest in the hollow of a gigantic oak, which stood for nearly four centuries after the death of the saint. The news of the holy life of the ascetic attracted disciples to him. Around him the brothers gradually began to gather. The owner of those places, Prince Vasily Yaroslavovich, during the hunt, discovered the dwelling of the saint. He ordered the monk to immediately withdraw from his fiefdoms and insulted the hermit by swinging him with a whip. The lifted hand immediately became numb and remained motionless. Inspired by the punishment of God, the prince repented and asked the monk for forgiveness. Healed by the prayer of the saint, he begged the deserter to remain forever in his land and build a monastery here.

The Monk Tikhon founded the deserts, placing in it the first wooden temple in honor of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin. He became the first hegumen of the monastery and ruled the brethren with humility, meekness and mildness. The holy hegumen fed the hungry, gave drink to the thirsty, accepted the strange, interceded for the offended. By the prayers of the Monk Tikhon there were many healings of the mentally ill, as well as many who suffered from eye and childhood illnesses.

According to an ancient monastic tradition, the Monk Tikhon died in 1492 in deep old age, taking a great schema shortly before his death. In 1887, a wooden church was built over the torn well of the Reverend Tikhon, in honor of the Life-giving Spring.

On the icons, the Monk Tikhon of Kaluga, a miracle worker, is usually portrayed in a religious garment praying before the icons of the Savior and the Mother of God, fortified in the hollow of a large oak tree against the backdrop of a majestic monastery built by the labors of his disciples.

The memory of the Monk Tikhon - June 16 - reverently revered not only in the Kaluga land, but throughout Russia.