Saint Nina the Equipostolic Image for Necklace

The Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Nina, the educator of Georgia, was born about 280 in Cappadocia. Her father Zabulon was related to the holy Great Martyr George, and the mother of Saint Nina - Susanna was the sister of the Jerusalem Patriarch. Twelve years old, Saint Nina came to Jerusalem with her parents, who were the only daughter. By mutual consent and with the blessing of the patriarch of Jerusalem, the parents of Saint Nina took tonsure and dedicated their lives to the service of God, and her upbringing was entrusted to the pious old man Nianfor.

Once, when she, weeping, was sympathetic to the evangelist who described the crucifixion of Christ the Savior, her thought settled on the destiny of the Lord's tunic. On the question of Saint Nina, where the chiton of the Lord resides, the old Nianfora explained that the imperishable chiton of the Lord, according to legend, was attributed by the Mtskhets rabbi Eleazar to Iveria (Georgia), called the lot of the Mother of God. Saint Nine often heard about this country, day and night she prayed to the Most Holy Theotokos: let her see Georgia facing the Lord and help her to find the lapel of the Lord.

The Virgin appeared to her in a dream and handed a cross, woven from a vine, now stored in a special kivot in the Tbilisi Cathedral of Sion. The image of the saint has a frame in the form of an ornamented kiot, and in the upper part of the image a sculptural portico of the Georgian church is imitated. Christians turn to the saint in their prayers for intercession, the strengthening of faith, about healing from many ailments and misfortunes.