Martyr Saint Natalia of Nicomedia - Baptism Icons

St. Natalia lived in Nicomedia of Bethany in the III century and was a secret Christian. She married Adrian Nicomedia very young, converted him to the Christian faith, but lived with him only a year before his martyrdom. Under Emperor Maximian there were times of persecution of Christians. Twenty-three Christians were judged on one of the denunciations. Adrian, being the head of the court chamber, observed with what courage these people endure suffering for the faith and, inspired, ordered to write down his name, for which he was convicted and thrown into prison. The spouse up to the last minutes supported, comforting him and helping to find peace in the faith.

She asked him to bring her first prayer to God for her not to be forced to marry a pagan after his death. Saint Natalia, fearing that her husband, seeing the sufferings of other martyrs, did not hesitate, asked the torturers to begin the execution from him. After her husband's death, they wanted to marry her for the commander-in-chief, in a dream the husband came to the saint and said that she would soon be restored by the Lord. Natalia is venerated by the church as a bloodless martyr. In the Orthodox world, she is revered as an example of a faithful, loving wife and selfless Christian woman. Prayers addressed to it are strengthened both in Orthodox faith and in matrimonial fidelity, settle quarrels between spouses.