Saint Gennadius of Constantinople

Prelate Gennady, Patriarch of Constantinople, born in Antioch, was placed on the throne of the Church of Constantinople in 458, during the reign of the holy pious king Leo the Great (457-474). He was distinguished by meekness, patience, purity and abstinence. The strength of his prayer can be judged from the following case: in the church of St. the martyr of Eleutherius in Constantinople was the unworthy cleric Harisim, who led a life of laziness, uncleanness and even engaged in robbery and magic.

Saint Gennady admonished him for a long time with meekness and patience, but Kharisim did not change his behavior even after the punishment. Then Saint Gennady instructed his envoy to address on his behalf to the holy martyr Eleutherius (commemorated on August 4), in the church of which Harisim served. Arriving in the temple, the Patriarch's messenger stood in front of the altar, reached out his hand to the grave of the martyr and said: "Holy martyr Eleutherius! Patriarch Gennady announces to you through me a sinner, that the cleric Harisim, who is serving in your temple, commits many iniquities and creates temptations; Therefore, you either correct it, or cut it off from the Church. " The next morning Harisim was found dead. Saint Gennady was the author of a number of sermons and interpretations. Patriarch Gennady administered the Constantinople Church for 13 years. The form of the icon produces simultaneously the impression of simplicity and sophistication: complex ornaments with images of cherubs emphasize the nobility and simplicity of the iconography of the oval medallion with the image of the saint.

The image is crowned with a buttonhole in the shape of a cross and is complemented by a decorative suspension, which gives the product a special nobility. On the back there is a prayer to the saint, "covered" with a vine as a symbol of purity and purity.