Rings of white gold - Unique orthodox design

The tradition of wearing white gold rings, decorated with Christian symbols, according to numerous archaeological finds, came to Russia from Byzantium. Initially, a ring from a noble metal could not afford to everyone, and since the symbol of unity, integrity and completeness has long been highly revered, they wore rings everywhere, making from less expensive materials. To receive as a gift a white gold ring female or male was considered a sign of great love and respect. They were given such products, as a rule, for an engagement and a wedding, for holy feasts and as an invaluable presentation to a loved one.

Nowadays, you can buy a white gold ring in almost any jewelry store. Find a truly unique author decoration, filled with artistic expressiveness and deep semantic content, you can easily in the online store "Vladimir Mikhailov".


The artist, continuing the traditions of the Novgorod and Pskov art schools of the 12th-13th centuries, in his jewelry works revives the custom to interpret religious images and Slavic signs, which, even after the Baptism of Rus, took root in folk decorative and applied art.

Each orthodox decoration of Vladimir Mikhailov's collection reflects an inseparable connection with nature, translates timeless images filled with Christian and Old Russian symbolism. The collection of white gold rings presented on the site demonstrates solemn and refined, fundamental and ascetic models created by exclusive author's sketches. Each white gold ring, the price of which varies depending on the weight, the nature of the composition and the presence of the gem, is distinguished by the perfection of the form and the filigree-filled ornament.


In the collection "Vladimir Mikhailov" there are security, engagement, wedding and wedding models of rare green white gold. Also here you can buy a ring of white gold. Some products are additionally encrusted with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and other precious stones. The online store "Vladimir Mikhailov" offers both elegant women's and solid men's rings, which can subtly emphasize the style and vital position of its owner.


A wide selection of white gold rings in the "Vladimir Mikhailov" catalog will make it easy to make a meaningful gift filled with spiritual content for yourself or a loved one. Inspired by the art of ancient masters, the orthodox jeweler decorates the items with Christian images, Slavic emblems and Byzantine ornamentation, supplementing the plastics of noble metal with a graceful calligraphy of laconic protective prayers. Buy a white gold ring, filled with sacred images and original style of engraving on our website.


In the collection there are beautifully decorated young girls decorated with a floral pattern, decorated with multi-line ornaments, compositionally complex rings for adult ladies. white gold men's rings "Vladimir Mikhailov" also differ in impressive variety. Here, too, are reserved, monumental rings, supplemented by geometric drawings with a protective text of prayer. So festively decorated models with solemn patterns, decorated with precious stones.

The online store "Vladimir Mikhailov" also presents universal models of the rings "Save and Save", suitable are equivalent for men and women. In the collection of Orthodox ornaments you will find rings of green and white gold for engagement, wedding and civil wedding. Created according to the classical principle, jewelry by Vladimir Mikhailov demonstrates the nobility and authenticity of the Russian art school.


To choose in the catalog of orthodox jeweler ornaments a white gold ring for yourself or as a gift will help to study the motif depicted on the product and, as a rule, setting the semantic content. The presence of a prayer text on the back or outside of the ring will also allow you to opt for the most appropriate decoration.


Suggest a purchase with a ring of white gold will help and focus on weight, width, as well as the presence of a stone in the product. Having determined the visual and semantic characteristics of the ring, you can proceed with the selection of the size. Wide assortment of original rings and white gold rings "Vladimir Mikhailov" will allow to acquire a significant decoration, comparable to a work of art and rightfully claiming to be transferred as a family heirloom from generation to generation.


Buy a ring and a ring of white or green white gold as a gift, for a wedding or for another important event you can always in our online store or in the author's salons "Vladimir Mikhailov"