Christening and baptismal shirts for a boys - Buy online

Traditionally, the baptism of boys is carried out at a small age in strict accordance with the Orthodox canons. Preparation for the first sacrament is taken, as a rule, by the godparents. Godfather of the boy buys and gives the child a cross, and the godmother selects the baptismal set. The most significant attribute in a set of clothes for baptism, in addition to a sheet, towels and cap, is considered to be a christening shirt. It is her after the baptism of the boy left in memory of the sacred rite and kept at home as a family relic.

Baptismal shirt for a boy in the old Russian tradition is made of natural linen, cotton, cotton or other material pleasant to the body. To avoid allergies and rubbing, infantile shirts for babies are made with soft seams turned outward. The palette of the baptismal costume is not full of bright colors and is usually limited to white, light pink or light blue. The baptismal shirt can be decorated with a light lace, Slavic and Orthodox patterns, embroidered with natural threads. At the request of parents or godmothers, clothes for the boy's baptism are decorated with personal embroidery.

According to the Orthodox canons during the Sacrament, the christening shirt on the boy is worn over the head, so when choosing clothes for baptism, attention must be paid to the peculiarities of its cut. The baptismal shirt should be as comfortable as possible for the baby, as well as for the godfather, who is to put it on the child after the font.

The day of baptism in Orthodoxy is associated with the second birth of a person, it is believed that on this sacred day the child finds a spiritual defender. That is why to take into consideration the choice of all the necessary attributes for baptism should be taken with particular severity.

Buy a boy's baptismal shirt along with other elements of the kit is best for a couple of weeks before christenings. Before the appearance of the baby, it is not recommended to purchase a christening set, in order not to lose weight with the size. But you can buy a cross for a boy in advance. In addition to the christening shirts in the gallery "Vladimir Mikhailov" there is a rich selection of Orthodox ornaments for baptism. All of them are executed by unique author's sketches of the artist, reviving the ancient traditions of depicting Christian motifs in jewelry.
The baptismal set embroidered by hand and a cross from the collection "Vladimir Mikhailov" will become a memorable gift for the baby and will allow you to keep bright memories of a landmark event in the life of the boy and family for a long time.