Great Martyr Saint Tatiana of Rome

The Holy Martyr Tatiana was born in ancient Rome from noble parents. Her father was a secret Christian and was very godly. His daughter, St. Tatian, he raised in piety and fear of God. And so Saint Tatiana decided to spend her life in virginity and chastity, and to be a bride to Christ, flaming for Him with love. For her virtuous life she was honored to serve the Church: she was ordained a deaconess, and, like disembodied angels, she served God in the flesh.

And Christ God crowned the bride with his martyrdom - she suffered for her faith. After the death of King Heliobal, the sixteen-year-old Alexander, the son of a Christian, ascended the throne, worshiping pagan gods at the same time. His advisers, after gaining power, brutally persecuted Christians. So the holy maiden of Tatiana was captured by pagans and brought to the temple of Apollo, whom she was compelled to compel to worship. She prayed only to the true God, and suddenly there was an earthquake: the idol of Apollo fell and fell apart, the part of the temple collapsed and crushed many pagans and priests. The demon, who dwelt in the idol, flew out with a loud scream.

Prayer for the saint is especially effective for those who suffer for faith and who deny heresies. They are able to ward off anyone from false teaching, granting righteousness and healing from many ailments. One of these prayers, from the composition of the laudatory Akathist, in the frame of the vine, is placed on the reverse side of the icon.