Buy christening/baptismal dresses for girls

Children's clothing for baptism according to the Orthodox canons at all times was distinguished by a certain aesthetics, restraint of the palette and delicate solemnity. Baptismal sets for girls have always been a little more elegant than sets for boys. They have long been adorned with lace and delicate silk embroidery. Particular attention in preparing for the first sacrament was given to the choice of a christening dress for a girl.

According to the tradition that has come down to us, the godmother of a child chooses clothes for baptism. When buying a christening dress, attention is drawn not only to the exterior decor, but also to the features of the cut, the length and type of the child's dress fastener.
It is important that the baptismal dress for the girl had a free cut, comfortably worn and removed through the head. For the convenience of the ceremony of anointing, a dress for a girl is better to choose not too long. It is unacceptable for the Church Sacrament to buy a bright christening dress redundantly decorated with colored patterns.

The baptismal dress for a girl is usually made of natural fabric. This can be a softened flax, cotton or other soft material that does not cause irritation to the baby's skin. The shirt or gown for the girl's baptism, as a rule, has a snow-white color, and the dresses are sewn from the fabric of a light pink or soft beige hue. Today, as before, the baptismal dresses for girls are solemnly attached to satin ribbons, embroidery and lacy frames. Ornaments on the fabric are made of natural silk threads, Orthodox and Slavic motifs remind of the appointment of a dress. Traditionally, after a christening, a set of clothes from the ceremony is kept in the house where the child lives and is considered a family heirloom.

A cross baptismal dress can be sewn on its own, but it will be easier to buy it shortly before the christening. To purchase a christening dress is best combined with the rest of the clothes for baptism. The baptismal accessories made in the same style will underline the significance of the sacred Mystery. You can buy a christening dress for a girl in the gallery "Vladimir Mikhailov", where you can also see baptismal sets, crosses and other orthodox ornaments. Hand-embroidered christening dress for the girl will be an invaluable gift and will forever preserve the memory of the sacred event in the life of the child and his family.