Blessed Prince Peter and Princess Fevronia Images for Necklace

Every year on July 8, our country celebrates the All-Russian Day of Family, Love and Fidelity - in the Orthodox calendar, also known as the Day of Peter and Fevronia. To please himself and his family, from June 26 to July 8, 2017 will give gifts when buying from 10,000 rubles. To do this, use the promotional code "July 8" when you make delivery on the website or inform it to our operator. The number of gifts is limited. Details by phone: 8-800-5505-27-49.

St. Peter and Fevronia are patrons of the family and marriage, because during their lifetime they achieved perfection in Christian love.

The blessed Prince Peter was the son of Murom Prince Yuri Vladimirovich. Before his accession to the throne in 1203, Peter was sick with an incurable disease. In a dreamy vision, he was revealed that he could be healed by the daughter of a bortnik, the wise maiden Fevronia from the village of Laskova in Ryazan. Having healed, the prince married Fevronia, although this caused discontent among the noble Murom boyars. After enduring exile, St. the spouses returned to Murom, where internecine strife began after their departure. Prince Peter and Princess Fevronia were able to win the love of the townsfolk during the years of their reign.
At the end of life they took monastic vows with the names of David and Euphrosyne. When St. David felt the approach of death, he reported this to St. Euphrosyne, who embroidered church boards. She asked him not to die until she finished her work. The Monk David fulfilled her request. When the needlework was finished, David and Euphrosyne reposed to the Lord on July 8 (according to a new style). Their honest bodies were buried in one coffin made of solid stone and laid in the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin in Murom.

On the place of life of Peter and Fevronia they make pilgrimages, asking for blessing on children and marriage.